Arnaud Mathieu - Sound Designer

A specific portfolio for Video Games

Through years of composing, I realized how strong of an influence video game aesthetics had on me as a child, a teenager and, later, as a composer.
Motoaki Takenouchi (Shining Force 2), Hiroki Kikuta (secret of Mana) & of course, Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy series) made me travel, dream and more than anything, they made happy through their soundtracks.
I feel like it's my turn to bring those wonderful feelings to today's gamers.


Tile On !

Electronic & Discreet

Munchie Mania

Sweet like a Candy

Winston On Stage

Orchestral, Rock, Electronic but mainly Cinematic

On Words

In the style of "Pinky & the Brain "



8bit/disco yet chill


discovering/swan lake/level music

hardcore 8bit/rock/level music


young/melodic heavy rock

fun/cartoon/title screen music

tension but not too serious/retro/level music

orchestral/discovery/subterranean city

Sfx, Voices & Jingles


Arnaud is an award-winning french composer, producer and sound designer living in Prague.

National Radio, TV and international Gaming Studios used his soundtracks "de caractère" to reinforce their message.

His musical education, large band experience and life story results in soundtracks people remember the uniqueness, the "caractère" of.

Passionate about his job, he naturally does it on time, in a friendly and communicative way.

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Arnaud is a really professional music composer that know what he is doing as well as he know what you are looking for. He is very creative but at the same time is completely capable of changing things and tweaking his music and sound effects around until it fits for your project perfectly. I worked with Arnaud twice, both times hiring him to compose background music and sound effects for web and mobile games and I was stunned by his professionalism and speed with which he fulfilled what we agreed on. If you are looking for a great musician able to compose music for whatever project you are working on and you want creativity, but also openness to ideas and willingness to change things, then Arnaud is your man. Working with him is great on both professional and personal level.

Martin S.

Senior Designer - Bohemia Interactive

Arnaud proved to be a real pro. Working efficient and fast, delivering great iterations and shipping OST with SFX for our game in a really short time span - it was a pleasure to work with him.

Nikolaj R.

Senior developer/producer - Geewa a.s.

Althought originally presented as sound guy and music composer, Arnaud was able to meaningfully contribute to game design aswell and also nurture overall team spirit. I was suprised by speed and quality of Arnauds music that he created in just couple hours and by the way he is able to capture the mood we thought about with very few words. For me it was honor to work with him and I'm looking forward to next opportunity to do so.

Pavel F.

Game Programmer - Xinity