Arnaud Mathieu - Music Composer & Producer

Featured Project

audi talent award


Czech Tv - Nesmrtelní - Trailer

Tragedy and tension characterize this piece used by Czech Tv

Czech TV

Steakhouse Orchestra - Carry On

A Climatic-ending Ballad.Very cinematic

Czech TV

Michal Horáček - Český kalendář

Winning composition for "Co se Stane" (upcoming)

Audi - Talent Award 2012

A sophisticated and slightly arrongant blend of past and future

Audi - Talent Award 2012

Sundays On Clarendon Road - Walking into Limbo

An Awesome Wave

Sundays On Clarendon Road - Walking into Limbo

My3.avi - Smutná Euforia

Neo-Folk with strings and electro

My3.avi - 4 Stene Pokoje

Steakhouse Orchestra – SHO vs THE WORLD

Post-Shag with electronic loops

Steakhouse Orchestra – SHO vs THE WORLD

DJ Steakhouse - Obsédé par la Dance

Where it all began

DJ Steakhouse - Obsédé par la Dance

17 songs in 4 minutes

Who is Arnaud Mathieu?

In Studio w/ Michal Pekarek

My name is Arnaud Mathieu, I'm a composer and music producer.My previous collaborations include Česká televize, Český rozhlas and Michal Horáček.

Although living in Prague since 2006, I was born and raised in Provence.I learned piano and musical theory as a child in conservatory before starting playing guitar at age 13.I formed my first band shortly after.

During the following decade, I played in ensembles in many genre including rock, salsa, electro, jazz, metal & punk hardcore and classical music. I learned something from each of these and I think each of them bring something interesting to the great mozaik of "Music". In parallel I went to Musicology College in Aix-en-Provence and Hildesheim, Germany where I could complete my education on Musical Theory & Harmony.

My first album "Obsédé par la Dance" summarizes those 10 years of playing and learning and I consider it as the beginning of my career as a composer and music producer.

In 2010, I ranked 3rd (of about 200 contestants) in the "O2 extra šance" remix competition.In 2011, I won the Kudykam contest for the title "Co se stane?" which brought me to collaborate with famous artists Bára Basiková, Michal Pekárek and Michal Horáček.In 2012, I produced "Walking into Limbo" for czech electro folk duo Sundays On Clarendon Road, to critical acclaims.

I share my time between composing for various media, leading my band Steakhouse Orchestra and managing shoMusic the music label I created. I also enjoy fitness, public speaking, self-improvement in general and teaching french.

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Arnaud is definitively part of the new music scene from Eastern Europe. His creativity & versatile talent proved by his already prolific composition demonstrates an unmistaken author representative of his generation... and it is just the beginning of his promising career.

Olivier C.

Art Director & Creative Director

Arnaud is professional music producer, amazing creative mind and trustworthy business partner. I give my best recommendations

Dragan M.

ABC Video

I was satisfied with Arnaud's work. He was very precise and well responded to clients requests. Thanx to Arnaud

Jachym B.

BaseCamp Studio